P.H.U. WalMax

We are a trading company specialised in all areas involving the use of printing machinery and associated technologies. Taking into account the specific requirements of each customer we identify and provide systems and advice on the best and most appropriate equipment to meet the customer’s production needs. Our mission is to improve our client’s competiveness and establish a long-term relationship which, will be based upon reliable performance and good business ethics, which is something we value deeply.

Our business approach to customers is extremely flexible. Based upon our analysis of each client’s circumstances and specific requirements, we treat each inquiry individually to arrive at the best possible solution that satisfies both partners.
WalMax’s services do not end with the sale of a machine. To optimise our client’s business, after-sales support, in the form of ongoing advice and monitoring of performance, can also be provided. Our experience has proved to have had a positive impact on the businesses of many of our clients.

The WalMax Company was first established in Montreal in 1996 under the name of “Project Management Consulting” and cooperated with “Spar Aerospace Ltd” in the space shuttle project. The company was then given a responsibility to manage aircraft maintenance for “Air Canada” at Montreal Airport and then at “Ericsson’s” Montreal IT project office.

WalMax moved to Poland in 2001 where it is still present and actively strengthening the company’s business activities within the Polish market.